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It’s the end of the road, just turn right

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Hello people!

I hope all is well and that you had a great weekend. I’m Jonny come lately because I got sick before and after the festival, but all is well. Met some great people and looking forward to starting anew next month with ArtDify.

Yes, this is my last post on this domain,, but it won’t be my last post on my blog. No worries, I’m just moving to another site where the blog, artwork and art testimony parties would be easily accessed by you. The new website should be completed no later than next week.

Although it’s the end of the road, you just need to turn right, because everything from now on will go on right. I’m in a transitional period in my life now and I believe this transition is short lived. I’m following the steps that Jesus gave me and I know He’ll enlarge my steps so I won’t slip. Psalms 18:36

I want to thank every reader who has encouraged me throughout the way whether it is through a smile or comment. I’m not completely gone, I will still contribute as a guest blogger to the Isaiah 51 project , but those are buckets of water compared to the waterfall of content, I will post on ArtDify’s site. In addition, if you are a fellow artist, and a believer, I would love to feature you in my blog. Just email me at for more info. In addition, if you haven’t already , this is your last chance to subscribe to The Peephole newsletter before this blog shuts down for good on October 1, 2016.


Above, Saturday, September 24, 2016. ArtDify ‘s booth in the flesh.

I love you all. Thank you!

For the love of God and art


Thru His vessel JB


Special announcement

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Hi people!

This Saturday the 24th, I will be an artist vendor for the Franklin Day festival in Somerset, NJ. I want to do as many local markets as possible including out of New York and this is a fun way to do so. If you are in central jersey, come on down! I would love to meet you.


I’m still working on my art and so far, I still got quite a bit to do before October 1st. Love you all.

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB

I’m moving!

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Hello people,

It’s been 4 years since I started this wordpress blog and I’m in the process of moving to another site. I’ll still write the blog but it would be under my company Artdify, once the new site is ready. Thank you so much for following along and more so if you want to continue to follow me in this process, click on The Peephole so you would not miss me. I should be settled in my new site by October 15, 2016.


Stay blessed! Love you all.


For the love of God and Art!

countdown drawings 2


Thru His vessel JB

How to deal with rejection

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Hello people!

Yes, summer is almost over, it is the last day of August for me here in NYC and I am looking forward to the art festivals and fairs that are happening this fall. I have applied to a few exhibits and unfortunately, I was rejected.

Yes, I was disappointed but being an artist does not mean just making art all year and waiting for someone to ‘discover’ you. You got to do the work.

I know for sure, some people may never do what they want to do  is due to fear and specifically the fear of rejection. Here are a few pointers:

Don’t take it personal

Life is not easy, but if you really want to enjoy life, you also have to work in the disappointments or rather obstacles when it comes to getting what you want. In this case of an art fair, I know the curator probably just did not like my work or she was just tired of seeing all of these artists’ applications come in. Either way, I was not selected, but that mean I would not take it personal. I don’t know the curator and the curator does not know me, so I’ll just apply next year and look at other alternatives.



Okay so you got rejected one time, does not mean you don’t apply ever again. Don’t you know there are about 10-15 no’s before you get to a yes. You got to work it and definitely your chances of being recognized would not happen, if you stop applying. Be consistent. In this case, I know that although I was rejected, does not mean I will stop applying. I just got to check other alternatives and still apply to that art show next year.

Talk to people

This is kind of hard for me, because believe it or not, I’m a very private person. You probably figured that out already. After being rejected, sometimes, you want to give up and not talk to anyone because you feel like a fool. Have a pity party and get over yourself, we should not be a pit stop too long in order to enjoy the journey. Release your feelings to someone, vent a bit and then go on.


Those are three ways you can deal with rejection. First, you must be confident and know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that there is no one like you. If someone doesn’t like your work or you, that’s their loss. God bless you!

For the love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JB

How to have fun on your vacation

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Hello people!

I just got back from vacation and boy it was sweet! It was a much needed time to spend with my family. I got about three shades darker thanks to the Florida sun and swimming in the water. I also think I gained about 5 lbs. I was just sleeping, relaxing, eating and overall having a good time.

As a visual artist, and solely focusing on building my business as an artist, there are going to be times you are going to need a break. This past week, I was on break but now it’s back to business, let me tell you how it can be done in simple 3 ways without breaking the bank.



Alone time with no distractions

     Sleep , is not just for toddlers and seniors, but just about everybody needs a nap. I know you’ve heard the stats of how much this country is sleep deprived. You not only need it, you want it. A good night sleep will make you escape to sweet dreams in paradise and not necessarily the heavenly kind. A good thing to do before you take a nap is read something fun, that way your brain picks up what you read and you escape to your imagination. The best part is no one will bug you, unless you have good friends in your dream and then you’ll wake up feeling good and refreshed.

Food, unless you are a foodie like I am, you appreciate the flavor of food pouncing on your tastebuds like a jackhammer on cement. I enjoy my food, but if you want to taste something and escape, it doesn’t have to be gourmet. Just go to your local ice cream shoppe and get a sample. Samples are free. Ask the attendant of a flavor that you would like to try or haven’t had in a while. Get the sample and sit down somewhere. Taste it. I love the crumble bits of cookie dough, it’s chewy texture mixed with cold cream. Aah, that’s good. Yum. Or if you hate sweets, you can buy a 50 cent Doritos and taste each individual chip. It’s not free, but the point is to savor the flavor.


Last, but not least, is being alone with no distractions

You need to enjoy your own company. Walk in the park and sit somewhere. Look at the birds and gangsta squirrels around you(Just make sure you don’t bring a lot of good with you, those squirrels will eye you down. For true, in NYC). Read a book, write a poem, take note of what’s around you. Breathe. Talk to God, talk to the nature He created for your visual enjoyment. Also don’t take your smartphone with you or iPad, iPod or other distracting device. The point is to live in the moment.

Well that’s it. All three of these ways can be used at home or away from home. The point is to be well rested and enjoy your surroundings.

Stay blessed my loves. Check out my current artwork progress at The Peephole here.

For the love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JB

ruth 3 (2013)WATERMARK


How to complete a task in a short period of time

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Hello people!

As this blog post’s title states, we all got time that’s limited. As a visual artist that usually operates under little time to complete artwork, it is very important to define what you want. I will break them into three areas:

1.Planning/Setting a goal


3.Setting deadlines

Planning is the first part in getting a task completed, you have to write it down in concrete terms. An example of this would be seeing your kitchen sink clean with no roaches or mice ( this is a typical problem living in NYC). The main thing is you have to see or visualize the end result. You do not have to think how to get there (the process) . Just write the thing down.

Next, I would also figure out the materials needed to get the task done. In this keeping the kitchen clean example, that would be getting the cleaning supplies.

Scheduling. Okay, so when are you going to start cleaning? Trust me, when you come back from work and see your kitchen sink with roaches sliding down the faucet, you may not want to do it, because you are scared like dickens.That’s another issue all together. Just know that you are not going to feel like cleaning up. This is why you should put a time to just clean, it can be as little as five minutes a day. Make sure you use a stopwatch or set a timer that can also be found on all smartphone devices. Or just get a timer clock from the dollar store nearest you. Once you set your timer, complete the task during the designated time and when that timer buzzes, you stop. Five minutes is short, but if you break it into 1 minute intervals, focusing on an area of the sink each minute. Make each minute count, you’ll be surprised how much you get done in five minutes.

I, myself have implemented a schedule called Power hour even though when I’m dead tired and do not feel like doing anything, to clean, do art and workout just about everyday unless I’m on vacation ( The workout part, that’s not everyday). It is does not have to be done everyday.The main thing is that you are scheduling the task to get your kitchen sink clean.

Deadline. Yes, for me, time is my best accountable partner because I will never see him again so I need to use the time that I set on my schedule. With the deadline, you should also have a motivation for setting it, is it because you want to have people come to your house and hang out once a month? So in this cleaning example, once a month deadline is the goal.

So that’s it for now. Yes, it can be hard being organized working a 9-5 job and having a daily commute of 3 hours total, but it’s doable. If you feel that you need additional motivation, ask a friend to keep you accountable.

By then, you should get the hot diggity dog kitchen sink clean in a month.

As for myself, if you want to see my power hour routines, specifically with my artwork, please feel free to subscribe to The Peephole for behind the scenes footage of me working on my artwork. By doing this, you will get the chance to see bits and pieces of my progress before I unveil it to the public. I’m generally a very private person, so this is huge .


Thank you  so much for reading. Stay blessed!

For the love of God and art


Thru His vessel JB




Are you checking me out? You can now!

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Hello people!

For the first time ever in my art career of 7 years,  I am showing my work behind the scenes! The only caveat is that you would have to subscribe to The Peephole and see it. Since early last year, I have taken a break from art mainly to focus on building a foundation for business. However as an artist, I realized that you have to have a balance of building your business and making art. You would have to do it at the same time. However,. I do not regret the time because I was able to network with other artists, business people and get a few mentors to help me get on the right track.

In terms of getting on the right track, I have set up a weekly schedule which includes committing to make every art every day for 40 minutes except during vacation.  As a result, it equates to roughly 5-7 pictures a week until October 1, 2016. That’s about 53 pictures total. Even with my week off vacation, that still gives me some lee way to slack off a little if I’m tired or doing it again if the drawings does not come close to what I have in mind.

I’ve have started this week and have made 4 drawings so far and it will make 5 this week once I finish one tonight. I’m pretty excited and looking forward to completing overall a total of 40 series drawings by October 1, 2016.

Until then, I can least give you an update of my progress, but if you really want to check me out, subscribe to The Peephole today, click here for the link. Thank you and God bless you!

For the love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JBcountdown drawing 3