A visual storyteller

A message from Thru His vessel JB

Welcome to my gallery! The "real" home of this site. I have enjoyed creating the content of what you see below.  All of the images below are from various serial works, which some come from a set of 17 to 40 works of art. Many of the work below stem from Biblical themes  such as For a Single Purpose series in which a biblical character is interrupted in three different ways depicting the beginning, middle and end of their story. 

    I also enjoy reading at least one to two books per month. As an avid reader , it helps me to become a visual storyteller . I "write" by creating art ; this art  speaks stories or rather messages that is intended to encourage and edify you.   It is rare that I make a single stand alone work, unless it is a B.O.L.D ( Beautifully Obvious Lavish Delivery) or throughout a live painting session , or a commissioned piece. You can find out more about my single  stand alone works through my sister site,  

          All of the images shown below are the ones  is currently for sale and once they are sold, new ones will be posted. All of them are original works and when they are sold, they are gone. If you would like a reproduction of the original that was sold out, you can click on the "I want a print" button on the side panel here and it will send you to my artpal site where you can select from the many in my collection in prints. 

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